Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Download a Jane Austen Library

Few names in classic literature are as well-recognized as Jane Austen.  You can download her most popular books here:

Pride and Prejudice
A family of sisters put up with their mother's obsessive matchmaking.  Humorous, moral, and heart-warming.
Sense and Sensibility
Another family of sisters learn what truly makes for happy marriages.  Themes of sisterly love, devotion, and good sense.
A spoiled rich girl learns matchmaking only ends in disappointment and heart-ache.  Teaches humility, forbearance, and kindness. 
Northanger Abbey
A bookworm girl learns that life is not like the horror books she reads.  Promotes level-headedness, fairness, and goodness.

I have read these four titles by Austen and they are all a fascinating look into the manners and life of 19th century  English life.  They are not objectionable in any way, any imprudent or sinful actions have consequences.  They will appeal mostly to teenage girls and women of all ages.

If you would rather order a printed copy of the books, you can do so here:
 Pride and Prejudice
Sense And Sensibility
Emma (Modern Library Classics)
Northanger Abbey (Vintage Classics)


Liesl said...

Project Gutenberg is the best! At least at the times when you can't afford real books :)

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